Adirondack Mountain Hiking - Sawteeth, Pyramid and Gothics

Some of the best hiking in eastern North America is found in the High Peaks section of Adirondack Park, in upstate New York.  This trip took us past two waterfalls, one on the way up to Sawteeth Mountain and another on the way down from Gothics Mountain.  In between, we visited Pyramid Mountain.

Here are the pics…

Love the sign almost as much as the falls.  Pass this along to any teacher you know.

Storm moving in.  I think we took this atop Sawteeth, the first peak…but it might have been even earlier.

This one is atop Sawteeth.  The clouds were low.  The wind was vicious - as you can tell by how it’s blowing my hair all over the place!

OK, if the proof in my hair is not enough, here is the video:

This is a view of Gothics from atop Pyramid.  What?  “Move the cloud”, you say?  OK…

Better?  These two photos were taken seconds apart.  In fact, if I had had the presence of mind, I could have snapped a truly clear cloud-free shot about 15 seconds prior to the completely overcast shot - that’s how fast the clouds were moving back and forth, up and down.

This is a view from Pyramid.  I think this is the base of Gothics, if memory serves me well.  Sure looks like somebody was trying to carve out an amphitheatre.

You can see why they call it Pyramid Mountain.  This is the view looking back from Gothics.  We climbed down 30 meters, then up 80 meters and bridged the gap between the two in almost no time.

While being drowned in torrential rains, I stopped taking photos.  What a way to climb down a mountain!  But at the bottom, once the rain had pretty much stopped…you can’t help but love Beaver Meadow Falls.

This one is more impressive “live”:

Stowe Vermont in Pictures

Stowe and Smuggler’s Notch are best known as a ski resort.  But look what’s cooking there in September.

Quaint, isn’t it.  Well, the general store is typical of so many buildings in Stowe (the town, not the ski resort).  Well-kept with a historical Americana feel to them.

Yes, that is public art.  Lots and lots of public art dots the central few blocks of Stowe.  Even a poem written in  a store window is an official work of public art.

As for Smuggler’s Notch, it’s really just a very windy road carved out of the rocks.  They could have just blasted through the rocks, but what fun would that be?

Sort of makes me think of a fairy tale road.

Remember the Von Trappe family of Sound of Music fame?  Well, this is the lodge - a pretty swank hotel in the mountains above Stowe village.  With nicely tended gardens and…

…plenty of trails.  Even the most difficult isn’t all that tough, so it’s a great place for the family to play.  Rent a bike.  Go for a hike.  Or hop on a horse-drawn wagon.

Is any trip to Stowe complete without a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory.  My taste buds assure me that it is not.  And if for whatever reason you can’t find your favourite flavour, guess where it probably is?

In the flavour graveyard.  That’s right, where old flavours go to die.

Perhaps the strangest site was when we came across a pumpkin conference.  We believe these pumpkins were getting Halloween training, which would explain why the conference was being held at this abandoned ghost-town conference centre.

Of course, you can always count on me to find the rocks in the area.  Still climbing on rocks - I guess I never grew up.  These are just below Moss Glen Falls, a couple miles north of Stowe.

And these rocks take us up to the winding fairy tale road through Smuggler’s Notch, right beside a handy parking lot at the top of the notch.

Let’s close with a couple Vermont “postcard” shots I took just outside Stowe.  So typical of Vermont.

Yes, we came across plenty of covered bridges along the way.

And barns, too.



Expat Canadians and Health Care Lapses

Many Canadians enjoy traveling around the world, seeing new sights and exploring new things. However, what many people do not realize is that their provincial health care can lapse if they are out of the country for an extended period of time, leaving them with no health care upon their return to Canada!

However, all Canadian citizens are eligible to have their provincial health coverage extended once within their life time. This extension is for two years. The extra 730 days can be used once, or it can be used multiple times on a cumulative basis. This extension does not occur automatically, to get it one must specifically apply for it (see the listing of provincial health care web sites at the end of this article).

Residents from Ontario can lose their OHIP coverage if they have been out of country for 216 days. Residents from all other provinces (and territories) can lose their provincial health care if they have been out of country for 186 days.

If a Canadian loses their PHC (provincial health care) due to extended travelling then they are also not eligible for private health and dental insurance, since a prerequisite is being covered by their province of residence. This is true for all private health insurance plans, regardless of the carrier or plan.

(Note: Canadians who travel abroad for a long period of time are often referred to as “expatriates”, or “expats”.)

The question arises: what options are available to returning Canadians that have lost their coverage?

The first thing a returning Canadian expat should do is to apply for PHC immediately upon return. Most provinces have a 90-day waiting period once they have applied (as opposed to a waiting period from the date of return). So, make sure that you apply immediately for PHC!

If Canadian expats desire medical coverage during this 90-day waiting period then the only option available is Visitor to Canada insurance. VTC (visitor to Canada) insurance provides coverage for unexpected medical emergencies and accidents and covers things like hospital and ambulance costs, accidental dental, and AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment). There may also be a deductible, depending on the VTC plan and insurance carrier.

Most VTC plans will not cover pre-existing conditions, or health care costs that are a result of the condition. There are exceptions to this, however, whereby an existing condition can be covered if the condition has been stabilized 6 months prior to the date of application.

If you plan on traveling for an extended period of time it is very important to contact your province’s health care office before leaving Canada.

Please use the following links to the various PHC web sites for contact and general information. Alternatively you can go to and use their provincial health plan pages for a summary of PHC coverage.

Listing of Canadian Provincial Government Health Care Sites:

  • Ontario (OHIP)
  • Alberta (AHCIP)
  • British Columbia (Health Insurance BC)
  • Manitoba (Manitoba Health)
  • Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Health)
  • New Brunswick (Medicare)
  • Nova Scotia (MSI)
  • Newfoundland/Labrador (MCP)
  • Prince Edward Island (Health PEI)
  • Northwest Territories (NWT Health Care Plan)
  • Yukon Territory (Insured Services)

In conclusion, happy traveling to all Canadians exploring this wonderful world of ours!


What Is Your Favourite Seat on the Airplane?

I always knew I was a bit of an oddball.  According to a SkyScanner poll, six out of ten people preferring the window seat to the aisle when traveling by airplane.  Yes, you guessed it - I prefer the aisle.  The window seat is more cramped.  The wall or the plane is less forgiving on my elbow than the space in the aisle, and the wall usually curves inward at one’s feet, making for less wiggle room.  Plus, the University of Greenwich has done studies showing that aisle seats are safer.

A study by revealed that the closer you are to an exit, the more likely you are to survive a plane crash.  An aisle seat is marginally safer than a window seat in that study, but other studies have shown that being in an aisle makes it easier to get to those exits.

But it gets worse. Forty-six percent of people prefer a seat in the first six rows, as you can see by the Infographic below.  Yes the front is the most dangerous place to be, since most crashes involve nose diving.  Who cares how close you are to an exit if you die during the crash?  Various reports state that the rear is safest or over the wing.

Of course each c rash is different, and nobody knows how a plane might crash if the unthinkable happens, but I do try to avoid the front seats.  Just in case.

On the Infographic blow, I would probably pick a seat like 30C.  The bonus?  I would not have to fight off much of a crowd.

Confusing Road Signs - Left or Right

Nothing confuses a traveler more than when road signs don’t make sense.  It’s bad enough when you don’t know the territory, don’t know the culture, don’t know the language and the road signs are different than where you come from.  But hopefully the signs will at least make sense.

This confusing sign was spotted in Dundas county (just south of Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada).  If you speak English, you might be tempted to keep right (which is a shallow ditch, overseen by grazing sheep (not pictured here).

If you don’t read English, sign language will have you keeping left - which is a good thing, because the road actually bends left just beyond the scope of the picture.

confusing road sign

Psychology of Annoyance: 10 Ways to Upset the TSA at an Airport

Airline travel can be a major pain in the neck: Long lines, lots of waiting and being smashed together with complete strangers will stress the greatest Zen master. While there are a few things you can do to speed the process up and brighten the day of the workers who facilitate your journey, this is not a list of those things.  Instead, to make some good use of your time, there are ways to entertain yourself that, while risky, could actually stump the best products of the finest forensic psychology schools and leave you feeling like a champ if you pull them off. So without further adieu, here are the top 10 ways to upset TSA agents at an airport.

1.) Bring an old Hollywood Video card as your only identification

The TSA is kind of up tight about confirming your identity. If you would rather spend the next several hours of your life in a cramped coach cabin and not a spacious, comfy interrogation room, bring along your passport, military I.D., DHS “Trusted Traveller” card, driver’s license or green card.

Other acceptable identification has been designated by the TSA.

2.) Attempt to transport your collection of vintage energy drinks via carry on

This one might seem kind of unreasonable, but the TSA hates flammable and explosive fluids. Poisonous ones are a sticking point as well. The DHS has established a 3-1-1 rule for bringing fluids and creams in a carry on:

3.4 ounce (100 ml) bottles can be transported in 1-quart-sized, clear zip-top bag. Oh, and only a single bag per customer, which will go in the screening bin next to your shoes.

3.) Get your grub on

TSA agents get hungry. It’s not fair to make them sift through pizza boxes and bundles of fruitcake all day. Besides, causing one to drool during a frisk might pose a risk for public outrage. Check out the TSA’s list of food items that need to be checked or shipped ahead.

4.) Travel with Weapons

What’s a trip to Hawaii without your favorite Samurai sword? Don’t worry, enthusiast of all things that maim, that bad boy can be checked along with your box cutters, knives, scissors and pick axe. Wait, seriously?

5.) Partake in the black market of exotic animals

If you regularly treat other living creatures as commodities, maybe it’s best for the world if you to get busted. But for the rest of you, who might stumble upon an opportunity to make some green by smuggling hummingbirds in your underwear, like this guy, please, think twice.

6.) Enlist unwitting family members to smuggle your contraband

Of course it makes logical sense to strap those 3,700 Ecstasy pills under grandma’s armpits while she’s sleeping and secretly conceal Cuban cigars in your three-year-old brother’s stuffed bear, Binkums. But in the end, you’ll only aggravate the TSA and draw a harsher prison sentence—not to mention a potential record for innocent loved ones.

The TSA has a bad enough rap as it is right now thanks to the public’s distaste for standing in a line that culminates with heavy petting. Toss in the additionally awkward factor of dramatic age difference, and you’ve got a serious PR problem on your latex-protected hands. Don’t give the TSA a reason to get inappropriately intimate.

7.) Ask someone to watch your bags

That dude who’s been playing video games on the floor by the outlet for three hours may look trustworthy enough, but the TSA and DHS frown on leaving your belongings with strangers before a flight, no matter how badly you want to run and test out the neck massager in the gift shop.

8.) Don’t worry about keeping your bags tidy and organized

The “alphabetical mountains of junk” system may work well in your home, but TSA agents have a lot of crap to screen every hour. Give them and the travellers behind you a break and straighten your things out before leaving for the airport. The TSA does not offer a free

9.) Wear too many layers of clothing

One of the best-loved tricks for carefree flying is simply wearing your clothes instead of packing them. True masters of the art can pull off a three-layover flight without worrying about whether or not their baggage will end up in the same country as they do. But in these intolerant times, when smoking cigarettes mid-flight and spanking flight attendants are frowned upon, a little courtesy is expected. Extra clothes mean extra hiding spots. That means extended search procedures.

10.) Don’t shower for the entire week before travelling

Water. It sucks. And when you add soap to the mix, it’s a downright hassle. But the rest of us brave the indignities of bathing for the sake of others. Remember that you’re likely to have a stranger exploring your nooks and crannies. Guess what: They don’t like it any better than you do.

The modern experience of flying, as miraculous as the technological advances that brought us here are, has changed a lot over the last twenty years. And while the responsibilities of travellers have increased alongside threats of terrorism, the expense of flying through the air at incredible speeds is relatively low. If you can’t play by the rules, you could always throw a hobo’s bindle over your shoulder and hitch a ride on the next freight train.

Airport Security Risk Factors Not Quite Explained

I found this article from the New York Times amusing, about what devices are considered to be security risks when traveling by air. Here is an extract:

STANDING in line at security at San Francisco International Airport not long ago, family in tow, I dutifully pulled the laptop out of my bag and placed it in a separate bin for its solo trip through the X-ray machine. I also had an iPad in my backpack, so I caught the eye of a security agent. “Excuse me, does the iPad come out too?” I asked.

“Not here,” she said. “Other airports might be different.”

This was not the moment for a follow-up question, but I was curious: What’s the distinction between the devices? Similar shapes, many similar functions, the tablet is thinner but not by much. Is the iPad a lower security risk? What about the punier laptop-like gadgets, the netbooks and ultrabooks? What about my smartphone?

On my last flight, I brought pen and paper. They do pretty much the same thing as a laptop or iPad. Nobody checked them out. Not the pen. Not the paper. I wonder if they are a lower security risk. No, they can’t be.

At least, the pen can’t be. We all know that “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

The Field Portal in Nova Scotia

So there I was, driving through rural Nova Scotia (near Grand Pré and Wolfville, at the top of the Annapolis Valley) amid the fields of grain (OK, the empty fields where grain would soon be growing) and the orchards with their still bare branches – and suddenly in the middle of nowhere, a portal!

Original "portal" as it was meant to be seen

Yes, perched on a slight hill in a field near the edge of the road was a bright green door with a white frame and a black number “8″ written upon it. A door to nowhere? A door to another world, like the closet passage to Narnia.

Sadly, I did not have my camera with me at the time, but it turns out that the door was all that is left of an exhibit from last year’s “Uncommon Common Art” project (2011 was the fourth year running).

The idea of these exhibits is to throw art out of the museum and into unlikely places. And no place is more unlikely for an orphaned bright green door than the middle of a farmer’s field.

As you can see by the photo to the left below, the green door was just part of the original exhibit by artists Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell. And that exhibit is just one of several in the Uncommon Common Art project.

A couple other door works from the project are reproduced below…

(Photos from the Uncommon Common Art project Flikr stream)

Aix en Provence - Forgotten But Not Gone

If Aix en Province is not the most famous city in France, it can be forgiven. After all, it is in the shadow of Marseilles, France’s second biggest urban center (after Paris), and of the nearby French Riviera (think casinos of Monaco, races of Monte Carlo, film festival and celebrity stalking of Cannes) in the wider “Cote d”Azure tourist mecca region.

But Aix en Province is a worthwhile tourist destination in its own right, and just a quick train trip from Paris to Aix en Province gets you there in a jiffy.

Founded in 123 BC (Yes, I know, it would be a better alliteration if it were founded in 123 ABC, but I did not write history.), Aquae Sextiae was founded by the Romans because of its springs. That was the reason why many Roman outposts were founded – access to springs.

Its early fame was as the site of a classic battle, where the Romans routed the Cimbri and the Teutones, and the captured Germanic women committed mass suicide.

The Romanic – Germanic battles continued over the centuries, occupied by the Visigoths, plundered by both the Franks and the Lombards, and like much of the Riviera region, it was occupied by the invading Saracens.

Under the houses of Aragon and Anjou, Aix en Province finally came into its own as an artistic center and seat of higher learning in the 13th century (and as the capital of Provence).

Aix en Province passed to the crown of France in 1487 and never looked back.

Through so much history, Aix en Province retained an enviable climate – a “Mediterranean” climate, rather than France’s typical “oceanic” climate. Imagine 300 days of sun and only 90 days of rain each year. Just like the Riviera, only a bit inland on a south-facing slope.

What’s to see in Aix en Province?

The Medieval section of town is something to see, with the Cathédrale Saint Sauveur towering over the north end.

Along the Cours Mirabeau avenue are banks on one side and cafés on the other. The Deux Garçons is the most famous brasserie in Aix en Provence, over 200 years old and having been frequented by luminaries like Paul Cézanne, Émile Zola and Ernest Hemingway.[8]

Place de l’Hôtel de Ville is worth visiting, where you will find the Hôtel de Ville in the classical style of the mid 17th century. Just beside it stands a handsome clock-tower erected by the citizens over 500 years ago.

Cézanne fans will find plenty to visit in Aix en Provence. His last studio was the one at Les Lauves. His equipment and the objects he used as models for his works are still there, as well as various mementos, with even the gardens keeping an intimate and living sense of his presence.

The site of Bibémus quarries just below Mount Sainte-Victoire provided Cézanne with the curious motifs of its geometric, ochre-colored rock faces. These featured prominently in many of his landscapes. Finally, after all this time, the Jas de Bouffan estate (image on this page as depicted by Cézanne) is open to the public to admire - “a place which retains an aura of mystique despite its direct links with so many of the painter’s celebrated works” according to the town’s official website.

So much to see, so much history. Check the official Aix en Provence tourist site, then hop on the train to Aix en Province, and enjoy all it has to offer.

Visit The Beautiful Mosques Of Istanbul

Turkey is definitely a gorgeous nation for backpackers and traditional visitors alike. The region is characterized by breathtaking sites, cost-friendly travel, natural wonders, friendly citizens, and an extensive but user-friendly transportation system.

Unless your destination is somewhere else specific, you’ll likely arrive in Istanbul, Turkey’s capital. After checking in, in any one of the beautiful hotels in Turkey, you may want to proceed straight to the famous mosques and temples. Istanbul has a lot of mosques and temples, and visiting them really should be part of your itinerary. After all, you cannot enjoy any city, region, or country without going to the heritage sites that made the place what it is.

1. Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque is a beautiful Moslem temple constructed in 1609 by Sultan Ahmet. The dwelling took Several years to complete, but the effort paid off. Officially named the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, the structure is noted for the beautiful blue Iznik tiles that decorate the inside. The temple complex also has an expansive flower garden, a medrese (theological school), a turbe (tomb), a public kitchen, and a small market. You can visit the Blue Mosque at any time through the day except during designated hours of prayer.

2. Hagia Sophia
This is a big 6th century structure found in the old city quarter. The dwelling served as a church from 537 until Istanbul was conquered by the Ottoman Turks under the command of Mehmet II. The Ottomans then transformed the church to a mosque. Wonder at the artworks, elaborate embroidery, and the paintstakingly made sculptures that are present inside. The temple also features minarets, a mihrab, a muezzin’s lodge, sultan’s lodge, and library, which has been existence since way back when.

3. Topkapi Palace
This courted palace was constructed in 1453 and was constructed in stages for six years. You can find four courtyards in the palace, each having a different purpose. If you have always dreamed of getting inside a castle, then the Topkapi Palace should be as part of your travel schedule.

4. Suleymaniye Mosque
This splendid building was created by Sinan, accepted as the best architects of the Ottoman Empire, throughout the mid-1500s. Apart from the splendid tapestries, eye-catching embroideries, sculpted pillars, and opulently tiled floor, the mosque also houses the tombs of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent (the longest reigning Sultan during the Ottoman empire) and his beloved wife.

Whether you’re staying in cheap hotels in Portugal, Turkey, Spain, or perhaps in anywhere in the entire world, it is a great idea to get out and initiate exploring the region’s heritage sites.

Visiting Disney – Ensuring a Magical Time

While everyone has heard that Walt Disney World in Orlando is the “Happiest Place on Earth”, if it’s 6PM and you’ve got 2 exhausted screaming kids ready to go home and wanting to be carried, you might beg to differ. Here are a few simple suggestions to help you avoid this fate.

Arrive Early and Take Breaks

The reality is that most people don’t really want to get up early on vacation. You can use this to your advantage. By arriving at the parks 30 minutes before opening and heading straight for the headline attractions, you can save hours waiting in line. Then, when the heat of the midday hits and the crowds reach their peak, you head back to your rental villa for a break in your private pool. Finally, return in the evening as the lines go back down.

Use Fastpasses and Learn the Switch-off

Fastpasses are another great way to cut down time wasted waiting in line. For those who aren’t familiar with Fastpasses, they are special tickets available on the most popular rides at Disney that allow you to skip the regular line if you agree to ride during a certain window of time. Best of all, they are free to everyone. You simply have to go to the attraction and pick up tickets for everyone in your party, then return at your designated time to ride.

Switching off is a god-send for families with young children who don’t meet the height requirements for a ride. Instead of having to stand in line twice for both parents to ride or skipping the attraction all together, you perform what is known as a switch-off. The mechanics differ from ride to ride, but the cast member at the entrance for a given attraction can tell you what to do. The gist of it is that one of you rides, perhaps with an older child, while the other adult stays with the younger child, typically at the exit for the ride. When the first person finishes riding, they are allowed to switch and the second adult rides while the first stays with the child, all without having to wait again.

Stay Off Property

Having visited Disney over a dozen times now, I highly recommend staying off-property. While the Disney hotels are certainly cool, they are incredibly overpriced for what you get. Instead of cramming your whole family into a tiny hotel room, you can rent a condo or even 6 bedroom luxury villa with a private pool for a fraction of the cost. Spending an afternoon relaxing in your pool is a great way to recharge for an evening at the parks.

Beyond the cost factor, what most people don’t realize is there are several communities so close to Disney that the average time to the 4 parks is basically the same as if they stayed in a Disney Hotel. Furthermore, some of the resorts offer amenities as nice or nicer than the Disney properties. My favorite resort community is Windsor Hills. It is less than 2 miles from Disney and is universally acclaimed as the nicest option in the area.

Guest contributor Rich Elliger offers more tips for your Disney vacation on his new blog.

* Editor’s note: Florida vacation rentals here.


Where To Go On Your Trip To Los Angeles

Ah, Los Angeles — El-Lay, the City of Angels — for tourists this is not exactly the easiest city to make your way around. L.A. may be a huge city with a lot of famous (and not-so-famous) residents, but it is not the ground zero for most of their activities per se. There are many surrounding cities in the Los Angeles area, which include, but are not limited to chintzy destinations like Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, or surfer’s paradise-type cities like Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach. And, of course, don’t forget Anaheim, where Disneyland is located. This article is about Los Angeles‘ many surrounding cities, but we shall restrict the scope of this article to the five aforementioned cities and what they have to offer tourists.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is known for celebrities and remarkable mansions where the rich and famous reside. You can visit the hotels the stars frequent and go shopping, maybe side-by-side with a favorite actor or actress! You get sunshine all year round in Beverly Hills and while you may not actually afford one of the gorgeous homes in this locale, you can still enjoy looking at them!

West Hollywood

West Hollywood is where you can find Sunset Strip, which is fairly close to the rest of L.A. and a great example of Angeleno culture and history. The Sunset Strip offers dining, shopping and nightlife that are legendary. For those who love the arts and graphic design, West Hollywood will be where you can find the Pacific Design Center, among hundreds of showrooms and art galleries which all have something for everybody.

Santa Monica

Among L.A.’s surrounding cities, one would be hard pressed to find a prettier and more trendy location than Santa Monica, which is well-known for its great-looking beachside backdrop and the number of bars and restaurants flocked to by Hollywood’s finest actors and musicians. Feel free to take in the nightlife by having a great time at one of the many bars and restaurants, but remember, parking can be a challenge! By riding a taxi or a limousine (yes, a limo), you don’t have to worry about the parking problem.

You should never be afraid of taking limousines for transportation because, contrary to what you might think, thay’re not expensive in Los Angeles. L.A.’s top limousine services would normally charge customers on an hourly basis. If you want to get the best prices, check with a couple of limousine companies for their rates. And if you book your limousine a couple of days in advance you may be able to get a good rate.

Manhattan Beach

A three-mile drive from Los Angeles International Airport, Manhattan Beach is the fourth on our list of top destinations near L.A. Go fishing at the pier, all 928 feet of it — it’s located at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard and offers wonderful fishing all year round. In addition, the pier’s aquarium and marine studies laboratory is open to the public free of charge.


If you’re on vacation with the entire family, then an hour’s drive south of L.A. would bring you to Anaheim. This is where the Angels play their baseball, the Mighty Ducks their hockey and for everybody in the family especially your kids, this is where you can find Disneyland. This is a great place to bring your family to spend the day with the Disney characters and riding classic rides like Space Mountain. And don’t forget to watch the parade and fireworks display at night.

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Travel From Southend’s New Extensive Terminal For The Very Best Trip This Summer

If you fancy going on holiday but are attempting to reduce costs, why don’t you travel out from London Southend Airport. From April 2012 and onwards, you will have the chance to fly out to fascinating and tropical locations such as Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Faro, Ibiza, Malaga and Mallorca. Keep reading for more information on precisely what each tropical location provides as a getaway resort.

Firstly, there’s Alicante which is a charming city situated on the infamous Costa Blanca well-known for its miles of sandy beach. Situated in between mountains and the sea, it’s no surprise that Alicante is such a common position for sunny and relaxing holidays, as it features the most fascinating beauty in addition to being rich in culture and history.

London Southend also flies to Amsterdam, which is a outstanding little city in which to go, famous for its gorgeous canals and world-famous museums, culture and nightlife are both well-known factors of visiting the city, be sure that you hire a bike for an traditional local experience too.

Barcelona supplies a great mixture of fun in the sun, modern city life and gorgeous old architecture. The sights of the Sagrada Familia are enough to thrill anyone, and with a further number of fabulous Gaudi architecture including Park Guell and Casa Batllo, it’s not possible to be disappointed with such a creative and culturally aware city.

Faro is the administrative capital for the Algarve and is the biggest town along the stretch of the sandy coast, with a stunning harbour and gorgeous sunny weather. If you seek a relaxing and peaceful holiday by the sea, then Faro will leave you feeling completely at ease.

For utter charm, Ibiza is a delightful island in which to vacate in. Not only is there a wide array of beautiful beaches, but a wealth of history too as well as tranquil coves and world famous night clubs. No matter what type of holiday you require, Ibiza hosts a variety of great activities to attract all.

Malaga - a seaport on the Costa de Sol - is a popular holidaying resort, rich in architectural history as well as being home to fabulous Mediterranean cuisine, beaches, wines and being the birth place of Picasso. Great for night life, but also great for those who wish to uncover the fascinating culture, Malaga is a must see.

Lastly, there’s Mallorca, the perfect location, for sun, sea and sand. With a breath-taking mountain range, pine forests and olive groves galore. The Mallorca beaches are also some of the best you’ll have the pleasure of visiting.

So, having read about each of the tropical locations offered by London Southend airport as well as other airports such as London Stansted have you decided which you would like to travel to most? For those of you who would prefer to holiday nearer to home, then Waterford, Belfast and Jersey are also popular locations that London Southend Airport fly out to. For more information on destinations, be sure to check out the London Southend website.

Making Travel Plans? Be Sure To Read This!

Tips For Having A Great Road Trip

What do you know about travel? Have you carefully developed a travel plan? If you do, are there ways on which you can improve it? Are you prepared for something unexpected or emergencies? If you feel that you are unsure of any of these questions, read the tips listed below to guide you to an answer.

When preparing for travel abroad, check when your passport will expire. Many countries have rules concerning passports. Some countries won’t allow you to come to their country if your passport is about to expire. These periods usually range anywhere from a year to three months.

Stores often overcharge for such products, and the space you save is minimal. Try to be more efficient in how you pack instead. This will help you in your quest to get some more space in your bags.

Tell your children what to expect out of airport security. Explain why you are going to the airport, what will happen there, and how they are expected to behave. When going through security, stay close to any children in your party. An adult should go right before them, if possible, to illustrate the simplicity of it.

When you go on a trip, plan your itinerary beforehand, and only pack what you need to fulfill that itinerary. Being efficient can make for a fun and fruitful trip.

When selecting clothing to take on a trip, consider packing dark-colored clothing. Dark colors can hide dirt and wrinkles, which are common on clothes when you are away from home for a long time. If you desire a more festive appearance, pair your dark clothing with some bright scarves, jewelry, or shoes. A good sleeping bag is an essential item to take with you.

Check into local laws and customs before you head to any destination so you don’t get caught confused. An action that seems totally harmless to you might be offensive or even legally prohibited according to a different set of cultural values. You should be on your best behavior and show respect for the local authorities while traveling.

If you are going to travel, make certain that you have made copies of all of your important documents. Copies of important papers like your passport, insurance forms, and any other key documentation should travel well-separated from your originals. It is wise to have a relative or friend hold onto a set too in case your documents turn up missing.

It is important for you to be conscientious of food allergies when you travel to foreign lands. Especially if your allergies are severe, you should learn the names of the foods in whatever language is necessary. This way, you can easily explain your allergies to waitstaff or chefs in restaurants or-should something happen-medical professionals.

As you have read in this article, there are innumerable things that can make your trip so much more relaxing and enjoyable. Get out your pen and paper to start prepping for your next adventure now.

Dancing the Night Away from Sharm el Sheikh Hotels

Many party goers book into Sharm el Sheikh hotels, eager to experience the Egyptian club scene. Relaxing on the Red Sea beaches is an enjoyable activity, while many spend their days diving or snorkelling. In the evening, it’s time to get ready to party hard and Sharm is just the place to do it. Most evenings there are many clubs and bars doing discos, and everyone can get into the party mood with the many drinks promotions on offer.

Attracting such superstar DJs as Pete Tong, Judge Jules, John Kelly and Smokin Joe, Pacha was the first superclub in Africa and is now a global chain. Running until about 4-5 am, the club itself is a complex, complete with its own hotel. The centre of the hotel has a huge dance floor with pools, terraces, VIP areas and around 8 bars. Heading off from the coast and with a live DJ, Pacha also operates a Party Boat.

One of the world’s wildest resorts, Magaluf attracts over 1 million fun seekers every year, booking into Magaluf hotels. If you like to sleep all day and party hard all night, Magaluf is certainly for you. With over 100 clubs catering for every musical taste, most clubbers head to the Puerto Ballena strip. Clubbers are kept dancing throughout the night with resident English DJ’s playing commercial dance and party mixes. Magaluf’s biggest nightclub is BCM, which comfortably holds 7000 revellers and is the place where all serious clubbers head to.

Although it is primarily a family-friendly resort, Alcudia has one club available for the serious clubber. The biggest club in Alcudia is Menta, a great attraction to clubbers who visit here, staying at Alcudia hotels. 7 bars and 2 DJ’s can be found in the club, which also boasts its own indoor swimming pool. Visiting there to listen to the Spanish and disco tunes, the club attracts the 18-30 age group.

Amsterdam, A favorite Getaway Destination

Amsterdam can be over a stunning tube and it is filled with traditional ancient monuments, museums, and beautiful nation attributes. Coming from Amsterdam’s booming locations for the cozy country side you can undoubtedly maintain occupied on their own trip. In which can you stay whenever on holiday throughout Amsterdam? It’s possible to split up their own period in Amsterdam and turn into inside the elegant region and later they could move to the particular stylish country side.

A few of the popular points of interest any particular one is not going to want to miss when it’s in Amsterdam could be the traditional currency markets. This is actually the oldest currency markets on the globe. Museums come in large quantity and the traveler will certainly are interested in the particular Rijksmuseum, The Stedelijk Art gallery, Hermitage Amsterdam, Amsterdam Art gallery and the Truck Gogh Art gallery. A single attraction any particular one will never neglect and will feel the particular customer’s coronary heart could be the Anne Chad House. Of course, Amsterdam carries a red-colored lighting district, located in de Wallen, with lots of coffee shops spread through out; that is certainly marijuana coffee shops. Amsterdam has lots of wonderful pathways that contact the visitor for the region. There are numerous of wonderful recreational areas as well as character regions waiting for the visitor. Amsterdam provides about three major pathways which are created through the 17th. Century. They have more than 80 islands well as over One particular,300 connects. Most of Amsterdam is really a exciting location to check out.

According to just what the website visitor likes in the way of weather can determine whenever a single trips Amsterdam. The wintertime several weeks are moderate and the summer season may also be moderate. None season is also scorching as well as freezing. The several weeks coming from October by way of Goal are chillier and will end up being dull as well as wet.

If your are interested in the particular adult night life throughout Amsterdam, they will do not be puzzled products to do. The town carries a tram program the other would be a good idea to educate yourself on the program. If you turn out to be missing only better of closest tram, they’re super easy to use. The most favorite coffee shops could be the Abraxas, located around Dam sq .. They feature juice bartenders as well as fantastic tunes. The inside can be stunning. It has an large quantity of lounges as well as bars throughout Amsterdam.

According to one’s finances, you can find more than 300 resort lodging throughout Amsterdam, from celebrity to 5 celebrity lodging obtainable. There are numerous of costly to less expensive bed as well as morning meal inns. There’s also reduced expensive apartments as well as apartments if your live in Amsterdam is going to be on an expanded amount of time. According to what you would like to check out will determine just where you would like to book your lodging. Rates upon lodging additionally all the amenities integrated for each holiday accommodation are far too quite a few to say, as well as yet again it really all depends for the people finances.

Given that every single traveler carries a distinct finances, and different pursuits as well as likes, they will need to do their own study on what their own priority is going to be. When they are throughout Amsterdam to view the particular Anne Chad House chances are they’ll would be a good idea to hold lodging around that website. I recommend you to visit this site to learn more about physician assistant salary.

The Pulau Mataking - An Escape to The Natural World Which Satisfies Anyone

If you ever have been pondering that getting a wonderful getaway that not just satisfies your hunger for journey, but in addition complies while using the relaxation and pampering specifications your girlfriend has, was hopeless, it suggests you may have not heard about the Pulau Mataking.

It’s a compact personal island that lies from the magic blue waters for the Celebes Sea. It can be exciting to find out that it is essentially made of two more compact islands, Mataking Besar and Mataking Kecil, linked by a sandbar. Whilst it is well-known for the most part owing to its superb unexplored coral reefs that appeal to divers every year, there are tons of enjoyable and interesting pursuits for non-divers likewise.

As you go scuba diving to explore the untouched treasures for the Pulau Mataking, including the Eel Yard, the Coral Yard, the Nudibranch Yard, the Turtle Playground, the Lobsters Lair or even the Hump Head Level, your girlfriend can beneath the light sun, enjoy superb cocktails within the high-quality sand beach locations or relax inside of a Spa.

Moreover, the stunning tropical gardens within the island undoubtedly are a superb environment for reading through a guide or for meditation. If she is known as a a great deal more active variety, but still will not be attracted to diving or snorkeling, she can explore the surroundings whilst sea kayaking, whilst climbing up the wood observation tower or by taking on the list of island guided tours. She is going to surely enjoy a guided tour, if she is undoubtedly an animal lover or she simply just likes bouquets, while it would allow for her to find out quite a lot of exciting things in regards to the flora together with the fauna for the Pulau Mataking. If she enjoys art, she can go batik painting, following the methodology defined through the native people.

Upon that, you could the two opt for a coconut bowling levels of competition, for just a fishing excursion or for just a evening stroll from the jungle or within the sandbar that connects the two components for the island. Also, you certainly will also enjoy together the one of a kind practical knowledge of likely bird observing from the jungle or visiting the peacock sanctuary. In certain intervals, you might head to see how turtles lay their eggs within the glowing white sand.

The normal scenery for the Pulau Mataking generates the best ambient for just a one-weekend escape, a intimate engagement, a marriage ceremony proposal, a honeymoon or perhaps a marriage ceremony from the center for the naturel.

There’s no need to worry about getting lodging, as there are tons of kinds to select from, beginning with seaside villas, government chalets or deluxe rooms, and ending with effortless and reasonable double rooms, relying on the funds. All of these opportunities provide superb amenities like air conditioning, satellite television, wi-fi the web connection and even spacious balconies with a watch into the blue Celebes Sea.

If you’d like to explore the colorful coral gardens, or if you’d like to only get away from the city and relax inside of a destination whereby the bird tunes would be the only seems you certainly will listen to, a family vacation within the Pulau Mataking is an extremely wonderful selection.

Traveling to Thailand and Beyond with Thai Airways.

There are a lot of airlines to chose from, but why not focus on those that are rated at the top and that includes Thai Airways. With 50 years of experience serving passengers from every corner of the glob, this is the official airline of Thailand. You might want to put Thailand on your list of destinations once you learn the following facts about Thai Airways. Making use of these packing list methods as summarized earlier in the article will require you to have a strong understanding of the overall process.

You want to consider some of the special benefits of Thai Airways that are available because they are a founding member of the Star Alliance. You can build up travel miles in frequent flyer programs by flying with any member airline. For instance, you are in New York, but you want to fly on Thai Airways to Bangkok. Los Angeles is the only city in the U.S. that Thai Airways flies out of, so in that situation, you could take an airline such as United that is also a member of Star Alliance from New York to LA. Even though you used two different airlines, you would be able to collect frequent flyer miles for both. Round the World Fares are also offered by Star Alliance which lets you make up to 15 stopovers all over the world and that can save a tidy sum of money off the regular fares.

You can get the most out of your trip by finding a vacation package that meets your interests or needs through Thai Airways. Where ever in the world that Thai Airways flies, they can offer you a Royal Orchid Holidays Package with a variety of activities and tours. If you’re going to Thailand, for example, you can book a river cruise, a cycling tour or a stay at one of the county’s luxurious health spas. Thailand’s spas are famous and if you visit one, you can experience such relaxing and therapeutic treatments as a facial or a Thai massage. There are similar offerings in other locations that Thai Airways serves. Their website will offer you a variety of Royal Orchid Holidays Packages to choose from. Those who have efficiently used e tracking and who have been around for a while will know the fact in the statement.

Special fares are being offered in 2011 to celebrate Thai Airways 40th year of offering flights between Thailand and Australia. So if you’re taking a trip to Thailand, you may want to consider extending your trip and seeing Australia as well. You can reach the destinations of Perth, Melbourne and Sydney when you fly from Bangkok. You can get a wonderful deal on travel between these two fantastic countries, because the discounted fares can be applied to all areas of air travel, whether First Class, Business or Economy It could be very exciting to combine the two different worlds of Thailand and Australia in one trip. Going to both locations even if they aren’t that close together might be a wise choice if you are traveling from a distant location such as the U.S.

In its more than 50 years of operating, Thai Airways has learned a lot about what it takes to run a world class airline. Proof of this is offered in the awards it has won from objective airline rating organizations such as Skytrax. If you are thinking of a trip to Thailand, they are the airline of choice and you may want to chose them for other destinations as well.

Go Online And Find The Best Travel Deals!

What if you don’t want to spend all your hard earned cash or rack up your credit card account but you are looking to take a vacation? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! There are a lot of great online discount travel sites which is why an awesome vacation has never been more reasonable. Here, you will be able to find the latest discount travel deals quite easily. To start your search, check out online sites that are dedicated to help you find discount travel deals. Keep in mind that you can consult their travel department for exclusive offerings if you are an AAA member and also there are some which are not available through other travel agencies, such as member only guided tours etc. Discount travel deals are also available to those travelers who belong to members-only travel coops such as those operated by various resort and time share companies.

Start searching as soon as possible if you want to travel to a specific purpose or during a restricted time frame but you should avoid booking the first thing that you see since you will be sure to find great discounting deals. Visit various air carriers also to browse fare specials that may not be posted on the other travel sites. If you sign up for email announcement of special offers from any of these sites, then you won’t have to miss out on last minute discount travel deals. Not being restricted to certain travel dates and having more flexibility would also mean that you have a greater chance of finding even better discount travel deals. Off season rates are usually much more reasonable at a number of popular destinations, but this shouldn’t deter you from going Colorado mountain lodges and resorts, for example, offer just as much recreation and entertainment during the summer months as during the peak of the ski season,but at a much lower rate.

Out there, there are some really awesome discount travel deals and the penny-wise traveler just has to look for them. Regardless if you are planning on a romantic Caribbean cruise or a family vacation to Disneyland, it is likely you can find just what you want for a reasonable price. You should start shopping around early and try to compare what is out there so you when you see a discount travel deal, you will recognize it. In order t make sure that it really is a discount travel deal, then you need to read all the fine print and take note of any restrictions that apply.

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You Will Find Your Next Memorable Vacation At The Inn At Wecoma

If you have been looking for a vacation full of activities and fun, plus relax in luxurious surroundings, then the Inn At Wecoma is the place for you. Located on the US 101, the Inn At Wecoma is close to all Lincoln City’s fabulous attractions and activities. This hotel is one of the best in Lincoln City Hotels.

Probably the first thing you will appreciate about the Inn At Wecoma is the luxurious rooms. Recently renovated, all rooms have luxury features to pamper every guest. All rooms have a spacious, oversized layout as well as bathrooms featuring granite counter tops and a tub/shower.

Expanded cable channels can be viewed on either a 25″ or 32″ LCD flat screen tv, while relaxing in one of the comfy Adirondack chairs. Other features worth mention in every room include, DVD players, microwaves, hair dryers, coffee makers, and AM/FM alarm clocks.

A few of the wonderful activities close to the Inn At Wecoma include the annual Kite Flying Festival, hunting for glass floats along the beach, taking your chances at the “Gnarliest Skateboard Park” in the world, surfing, whale watching, hiking, and of course great shopping. Listing all the terrific activities available in Lincoln City is almost impossible.

Museums, art galleries, lighthouses, golfing, cinemas, cooking classes, and the casino, are definitely worth mentioning. There is so many fun things to do in Lincoln City, it is quite impossible to list them all, however, that’s where the Inn At Wecoma can also be of assistance. There is no better Lincoln City accommodation.

Always check out the Inn At Wecoma in Lincoln City before you make plans to travel anywhere else. You can contact them on 541 994 2984 or toll free on 800 452 8981 to discuss your vacation requirements and ask any questions you may have. Their website, which can be found at also contains a wealth of information about rooms, packages, local sights and activities.